The Genova series of industrial filters by SITA represents a comprehensive solution designed to meet diverse requirements effectively. With a stainless steel body, straightforward construction, and the option to utilize filter elements made of stainless steel (GE models), polypropylene, or other materials (GEM models), these filters stand out as one of the most versatile options available in the market.

The filtration process, based on a simple principle, is executed effectively through the Genova series filters. Built entirely with polished stainless steel both inside and outside, they demonstrate resilience against wear and mechanical stress, making them durable for long-term use. Additionally, their smooth and non-porous surfaces make them impervious to sediment accumulation, ensuring efficient water treatment, particularly in primary filtration applications.

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SITA has developed a range of UV systems over the years, each tailored to specific applications and required flow rates. Recognizing that different markets have varying needs in terms of sizing, materials, finishes, and other specifications, SITA’s UV systems are designed with flexibility and customization in mind.

The technical department at SITA approaches each UV system design with meticulous attention to detail, considering the unique requirements of the application at hand. To ensure optimal performance, SITA has developed a sizing program that works in conjunction with fluid dynamics software. This combination of tools enables the technical team to gather all the necessary data and parameters needed to create a UV unit that delivers high performance and meets the specific needs of the customer’s application.

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