Simplifying Hydraulic Systems with Parker's GlobalCore™ SolutionGlobalcore Hoses

Simplifying Hydraulic Systems with Parker GlobalCore Solution

Hydraulic systems can get pretty complicated, which often means they’re not as efficient as they could be, cost more to run, and are a headache to manage. Parker’s GlobalCore™ solution is here to change all that. It offers a high-performance, easy-to-use system that meets the demands of today’s global market. With only five hoses and two fittings, GlobalCore™ makes setting up hydraulics a breeze, proving to be a real game-changer for both OEMs and end-users.


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A Unified, Global Solution

Parker GlobalCore™ is the world’s first cohesive hose and fitting system that caters to high-pressure applications with a simple yet robust design. The system includes five hoses designed to meet the most common working pressures and two types of fittings, making it easier than ever to select and source components. This simplicity not only reduces inventory but also minimizes part number complexity, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Designed for Global Reach and Compliance

One of the standout features of GlobalCore™ is its global applicability. The hoses are manufactured in major regions worldwide, including North America, Europe, and Asia. This ensures that no matter where your equipment was originally produced or where it is currently in use, GlobalCore™ can meet your hydraulic needs. Moreover, GlobalCore™ hoses are designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, which standardizes hoses by pressure range rather than construction, providing a more accurate reflection of modern hydraulic requirements.

High Performance and Durability

Parker has long been recognized as a leader in hydraulic hose manufacturing, and GlobalCore™ upholds this reputation by offering unmatched performance. These hoses are built to withstand tough conditions and are tested up to twice the ISO 18752 standard, ensuring long service life even in rugged environments. With temperature ratings up to 125°C and advanced cover technologies for abrasion resistance, GlobalCore™ hoses are equipped to handle a variety of demanding applications.

Simplified Selection and Superior Flexibility

The GlobalCore™ system simplifies the selection process for both OEM and MRO customers. The hoses are categorized by constant working pressures of 3,000 psi, 4,000 psi, 5,000 psi, and 6,000 psi, making it straightforward to choose the right hose based on the pressure requirements. Additionally, the hoses come in various cover options, including Standard, ToughCover, and SuperTough, each offering different levels of abrasion resistance to suit specific needs.

Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Temperature Ratings: With temperature ratings up to 125°C, GlobalCore™ hoses are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Cover Technologies: The Standard, ToughCover, and SuperTough options provide up to 450 times more abrasion resistance than standard rubber covers.
  • Ease of Installation: Low force to flex and half the minimum bend radius of the ISO 18752 standard make these hoses easy to install and ideal for tight spaces.
  • Broad Compatibility: The synthetic rubber inner tube offers a wider range of fluid compatibility, ensuring versatility across various applications.

Parker GlobalCore: A global solution

Parker’s GlobalCore™ is more than just a hydraulic hose system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to simplify, standardize, and enhance hydraulic systems globally. By reducing complexity and improving performance, GlobalCore™ allows businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, meeting the rigorous demands of modern hydraulic applications. For anyone looking to optimize their hydraulic systems, Parker’s GlobalCore™ provides a reliable, high-performance, and globally supported solution.

For more information on the GlobalCore™ system and to explore the specific hose options and configurations, feel free to contact us!

Parker GlobalCore Hoses at A&C Engineering

At A&C Engineering, we specialize in assembling, testing, and approving Parker GlobalCore hoses to ensure they meet the highest performance and reliability standards.


Our expert technicians carefully assemble each hose to precise specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for any industrial application.


Every hose undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can handle the required pressures without leaks and perform under various conditions. We use advanced equipment to check for pressure tolerance, leak detection, and durability.


After passing our strict tests, each hose is certified for use. We provide detailed documentation to ensure full compliance with industry standards.

Quality Commitment

Partnering with Parker, we guarantee top-quality materials and components. Our strict quality control ensures that you get reliable, high-performance hoses every time.

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