Pneumatic Valves

Depending upon the machine configuration and design, all of the pneumatic actuators may be controlled form a  centralized control panel complete with all the necessary pneumatic valves. The control valves would normally be grouped together into a ‘valve island’ enabling the solenoids to be electrically interconnected and in turn linked to a LC via an industrial network. In this configuration all the sensors can be connected to either remote devices positioned  round the machine or back to the centralized panel and signals transmitted to the PLC via the valve island and  industrial network. Other digital or analogue I/O can be connected if required.

An angle seat valve is actuated by a pneumatically driven piston and is capable to handle slurry solutions with particles or corrosive solutions at high temperature up to 180°C and operating pressure up to 16 Bar.

• Compact design, high flow rates
• Visual position indicator
• For temperatures from -10°C to 180°C
• Working pressures up to 16 Bar
• Dampened closing anti-water hammer design (fluid under seat)
• Stainless Steel actuator housing for exceptional durability in steam and aggressive applications
• Valves meeting Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
• Mountable in any position
• Tight shut-off and Long Service Life
• Parker Angle Seat Valves conform to the terms of the 94/9/CE directive specific to non electrical equipment for use  within potentially explosive environments – zones 1/21 and 2/22

• Food and Beverage Processing
• Water Technology & Treatment
• Textile Industry
• Cooling systems on injection molding machines
• Pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry
• Chemical Process technology
• Refrigeration & Cooling heat exchangers
• Sterilizers steam supply
• Water applications: Mining, Cement / Concrete Systems, Pulp & Paper
• General industrial applications of aggressive fluids
• Industrial Laundry Equipment
• Industrial Air Dryers

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