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Regulators, Monitoring, Sensors and Flow Control

Parker Regulators, monitoring systems, sensors, and flow control

Regulators, monitoring systems, sensors, and flow control devices are crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety in various industrial applications. Parker Hannifin offers a comprehensive range of these products, including regulators, sensors, flowmeters, and reservoir isolators, designed to enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability across different industries.


Parker’s regulators are engineered to control the pressure of gases and liquids in industrial systems, ensuring stable and precise operation. These regulators are essential in a variety of applications:

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, pressure regulators are used to control the pressure of natural gas and other hydrocarbons in pipelines and processing equipment. Parker’s regulators ensure that the pressure remains within safe and efficient operating ranges, preventing leaks and system failures.

Medical and Healthcare

In medical and healthcare applications, oxygen and anesthetic gas regulators from Parker provide precise control of gas flow to patients, ensuring safety and comfort. These regulators are critical in operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency medical services.


In manufacturing processes, regulators are used to control the pressure of compressed air and other gases in pneumatic systems. Parker’s regulators help maintain consistent pressure, which is essential for the accurate operation of tools and machinery, enhancing productivity and product quality.


Parker’s sensors are designed to monitor various parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow, providing critical data for process control and optimization:


In the automotive industry, pressure sensors monitor the performance of engine and transmission systems, ensuring optimal operation and fuel efficiency. Parker’s sensors help detect potential issues early, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the lifespan of vehicles.

Industrial Automation

In industrial automation, temperature and pressure sensors are used to monitor and control processes, ensuring they operate within specified parameters. Parker’s sensors provide real-time data that helps in maintaining process consistency, improving efficiency, and reducing waste.


Parker’s flowmeters measure the flow rate of liquids and gases in various industrial processes, providing accurate and reliable data essential for process control:

Chemical Processing

In the chemical processing industry, flowmeters are used to monitor the flow of raw materials and finished products through pipelines and reactors. Parker’s flowmeters ensure accurate measurement, helping maintain process efficiency and product quality.

Water Treatment

In water treatment facilities, flowmeters measure the flow of water and chemicals through treatment processes. Parker’s flowmeters help ensure that water is treated effectively, meeting regulatory standards for quality and safety.

Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, flowmeters are used to monitor the flow of ingredients and products through processing and packaging lines. Parker’s flowmeters ensure accurate measurement, supporting consistent product quality and efficient operations.

Reservoir Isolators

Reservoir isolators from Parker are designed to separate and protect hydraulic fluid reservoirs from contamination and pressure fluctuations:

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

In hydraulic and pneumatic systems, reservoir isolators maintain the integrity of the fluid reservoir, preventing contamination and ensuring consistent pressure. Parker’s isolators are used in construction equipment, industrial machinery, and marine applications to enhance system reliability and longevity.

Renewable Energy

In renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar power plants, reservoir isolators protect hydraulic reservoirs from environmental contaminants and pressure changes. Parker’s isolators help maintain the efficiency and reliability of these systems, supporting sustainable energy production.

Industrial Machinery

In various industrial machinery, reservoir isolators prevent hydraulic fluid contamination and ensure stable pressure, enhancing the performance and lifespan of the equipment. Parker’s isolators are critical for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of manufacturing and processing systems.