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Cylinders and Actuators

Parker Cylinders and Actuators

Cylinders and actuators are integral components in a variety of industrial applications, enabling precise control and movement of machinery. Parker Hannifin offers an extensive range of these products, including linear actuators and cylinders, motorized positioning stages and tables, rotary actuators, accumulators, manual stages, slides and accessories, grippers, vacuum cups and pads, and positioning robots and systems. These products enhance productivity, accuracy, and efficiency across numerous industries.

Linear Actuators and Cylinders

Parker’s linear actuators and cylinders are designed to provide precise, linear motion control in various industrial applications. In the automotive industry, these actuators are used in assembly lines for tasks such as welding and material handling. In the packaging industry, they ensure accurate and repeatable movement for filling, sealing, and labeling processes. Their robust design and high-performance capabilities make them suitable for demanding environments.

Motorized Positioning Stages and Tables

Motorized positioning stages and tables from Parker deliver high-precision movement for applications requiring exact positioning. These products are essential in the semiconductor industry for wafer inspection and fabrication, where micrometer-level accuracy is crucial. In the medical device manufacturing industry, they provide the precision needed for assembling and testing intricate components. Their advanced control systems ensure reliable and repeatable positioning.

Rotary Actuators

Parker’s rotary actuators convert fluid power into rotary motion, offering solutions for applications requiring rotational movement. In the aerospace industry, rotary actuators are used in flight simulators and testing equipment to mimic the motion of aircraft components. In industrial automation, they are employed for tasks such as turning, clamping, and indexing. Their compact design and high torque output make them versatile for various applications.


Accumulators from Parker store and release energy in hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth operation and energy efficiency. In the renewable energy sector, they are used in wind turbines and solar power systems to manage energy fluctuations and enhance stability. In heavy machinery, such as construction and mining equipment, accumulators absorb shocks and maintain pressure, improving system performance and longevity.

Manual Stages, Slides, and Accessories

Manual stages, slides, and accessories from Parker offer precise manual control for positioning and alignment tasks. These components are widely used in research and development laboratories for experiments requiring meticulous adjustments. In the optics industry, they facilitate the alignment of lenses and mirrors in optical systems. Their high-precision construction ensures accurate and stable movement.


Parker’s grippers are designed for automated handling and manipulation of objects. In the robotics industry, they are integral to robotic arms used in pick-and-place applications, assembly, and packaging. In the food processing industry, grippers handle delicate items such as fruits and baked goods without causing damage. Their versatile designs allow for handling a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Vacuum Cups and Pads

Vacuum cups and pads from Parker provide secure gripping solutions for handling non-porous materials. In the electronics industry, they are used for handling circuit boards and components during assembly. In the glass manufacturing industry, vacuum cups facilitate the safe and efficient movement of glass panels. Their reliable suction capabilities ensure firm grip and precise placement.

Positioning Robots and Systems

Parker’s positioning robots and systems offer advanced automation solutions for complex motion control tasks. In the automotive industry, these systems are used for precision welding, painting, and assembly operations. In logistics and warehousing, they enable automated sorting and handling of goods, enhancing efficiency and throughput. Their integrated control systems and flexibility make them ideal for various high-precision applications.