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Air Preparation (FRL) and Dryers

Parker FRL and air dryers

Air preparation and drying systems are important components in many industries, ensuring that compressed air is clean, dry, and delivered at the correct pressure for various applications. Parker Hannifin offers a comprehensive range of products designed to address these needs, including air preparation accessories, compressed air pressure regulators, filters, filter/regulator/lubricator (FRL) combinations, filter regulators, lubricators, dump and soft start valves, and compressed air dryers.

Air Preparation Accessories

Air preparation accessories from Parker provide the necessary components to optimize the functionality and longevity of air systems. These accessories include mounting brackets, pressure gauges, and various fittings and connectors. They ensure that all elements of the air preparation system are properly integrated and functioning efficiently.

Compressed Air Pressure Regulators

Parker’s compressed air pressure regulators are designed to maintain a consistent outlet pressure regardless of variations in the inlet pressure. This is crucial in industries like manufacturing and food processing, where precise pressure control is essential for equipment performance and product quality. The regulators help protect downstream equipment from damage and ensure optimal operation.

Compressed Air Filters

Contaminants such as dust, oil, and moisture can severely impact the performance and reliability of pneumatic systems. Parker’s compressed air filters are engineered to remove these impurities, ensuring that the air is clean and dry. Industries such as pharmaceuticals and electronics rely heavily on these filters to prevent contamination and ensure product integrity.

Compressed Air Filter / Regulator / Lubricator (FRL) Combinations

The FRL combinations from Parker integrate filtration, regulation, and lubrication into a single unit, simplifying installation and maintenance. This all-in-one solution is ideal for industries like automotive and packaging, where space and efficiency are critical. The FRLs ensure that air is clean, at the right pressure, and properly lubricated, enhancing the performance and lifespan of pneumatic tools and machinery.

Compressed Air Filter Regulators

For applications that require both filtration and pressure regulation but not lubrication, Parker offers compressed air filter regulators. These units are commonly used in industrial automation and process control industries where clean, regulated air is essential for accurate and reliable operation.

Compressed Air Lubricators

Compressed air lubricators from Parker add a controlled amount of oil into the compressed air stream, which is essential for the proper operation of pneumatic tools and equipment. This is particularly important in industries such as construction and woodworking, where lubrication reduces wear and tear, extending the life of tools and reducing maintenance costs.

Dump and Soft Start Valves

Dump and soft start valves are designed to protect pneumatic systems by gradually increasing air pressure during start-up and rapidly venting air during shutdown. These valves are critical in preventing damage to equipment and ensuring safe operation. Industries such as chemical processing and material handling benefit from the controlled pressure ramp-up provided by these valves, which helps avoid sudden surges that could cause equipment failure.

Compressed Air Dryers

Parker’s compressed air dryers remove moisture from compressed air, preventing corrosion and damage to pneumatic systems. These dryers are vital in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, where moisture can cause significant problems, including product spoilage and malfunction of sensitive equipment. Parker offers various types of dryers, including refrigerant, desiccant, and membrane dryers, each tailored to specific industry needs and operational environments.