When diaphragm accumulators just won’t do

Olaer Hydac alternative

Recent developments in accumulator application design have proposed several challenges to OEM customers in order to provide a high performance, reliable solution that is also readily availlable and cost effective. Parker Olaer ACP series Piston Accumulators have proven to be a superior alternative for diaphragm accumulators by outperforming them on every level.

Key advantages of the ACP series Piston Accumulator  are:

  • High-strength crimped construction provides long, reliable service life.
  • Small piston seal area minimizes the permeability problems associated with diaphragm accumulators.
  • Maintenance free, sealed for life design.
  • Versatile wide range of lengths and bore sizes allows installation to be adapted to availlable space.
  • Rechargeable and tamperproof versions are availlable with gas valve for customer charging of valveless.
  • Manufactured to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC can be used in any European Union  or EEA country.
  • Custom sizes availlable for unique applications.
  • Piston design prevents sudden accumulator faillure and is customized to fit the application.