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Founded in 1987 and since 2008 based in Stellendam, centrally located between Maasvlakte, Europoort and the Rotterdam port area, A&C Engineering has been active for many years in a wide variety of market segments all over the world. A&C Engineering is a valuable partner when fast, reliable and efficient service is required. By means of a number of carefully selected representations, A&C Engineering has immediate access to a program consisting of more than two million articles of exclusively A-brands that are considered authorities within the market segment in which they operate. Brand names of these manufacturers are an established standard within the Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore and Medical & Pharma industry.

A&C Engineerning pand
A&C Systeem Engineering

A&C Engineering provides custom solutions for complex systems with A-brand components. From design to maintenance, everything is taken care of by one party.

Testbank waar slangen worden getest

A&C Engineering offers overhaul and modernization of systems with A-brand components. Our specialized teams perform these tasks in-house, ensure extensive testing before delivery, and deliver only high-quality products.

ParkerStore bij A&C Engineering

ParkerStore is the place where knowledge, experience and products come together for the industrial market. With more than 4,000 parts in stock, it offers everything you need to get back to work quickly. From hydraulic hoses to valves and pumps, you’ll find it here.

In addition to supplying individual components, A&C Engineering specializes in providing technical solutions that fully meet the needs of its clients. By engineering more efficiently and thinking out of the box, existing systems can be made more successful and down time is reduced to a minimum.

Our value added services simplify the purchasing process for you as a customer because components can be delivered as kits or, if desired, kept available for you on call as dedicated stock. On-site service such as HoseDoctor on-site hose service naturally plays a major role in this. A&C Engineering as a company is of course VCA certified by Det Norske Veritas so that safe execution of work on site is guaranteed.

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