When diaphragm accumulators just won’t do

Olaer Hydac alternative

Recent developments in accumulator application design have proposed several challenges to OEM customers in order to provide a high performance, reliable solution that is also readily availlable and cost effective. Parker Olaer ACP series Piston Accumulators have proven to be a superior alternative for diaphragm accumulators by outperforming them on every level.

Key advantages of the ACP series Piston Accumulator  are:

  • High-strength crimped construction provides long, reliable service life.
  • Small piston seal area minimizes the permeability problems associated with diaphragm accumulators.
  • Maintenance free, sealed for life design.
  • Versatile wide range of lengths and bore sizes allows installation to be adapted to availlable space.
  • Rechargeable and tamperproof versions are availlable with gas valve for customer charging of valveless.
  • Manufactured to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC can be used in any European Union  or EEA country.
  • Custom sizes availlable for unique applications.
  • Piston design prevents sudden accumulator faillure and is customized to fit the application.


Parker SSD Solutions for Offshore and Marine Applications

SSD Offshore

Boasting over 30 years of designing and manufacturing variable speed drives and systems, Parker SSD Drives has delivered systems of all manner of complexity into thousands of applications worldwide, in accordance with numerous electrical and quality standards.

In marine specific applications, Parker SSD Drives has extensive experience of designing, manufacturing and installing systems that meet the toughest marine standards such as DNV and Lloyds Register.

By taking such an integrated approach to design and build, Parker SSD Drives removes the risks associated with meeting stringent international standards, ensuring complete peace of mind for you and your customers.